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Paraphrasing Articles Examples

Why Might You Need the Help of Our Experts Paraphrasing Articles Example?

paraphrasing articles example onlineRewriting another person’s thoughts and ideas is an everyday occurrence in the academic world, but there is a right and wrong way of going about it. Being able to translate another person’s thoughts and ideas takes a certain level of skill which quite often is beyond many people’s ability to do. Paraphrasing helps you incorporate important aspects of another person’s work in order to strengthen or validate your own work or to just break it down so that it can be understood by a new audience. By looking through some paraphrasing articles examples, you will see that the original text will need to be rewritten using completely different wording if you want to avoid accusations of plagiarism. Expert paraphrase help is often sought out for this very reason to ensure that your rewritten text is unique.

How Using a Sample Can Help You Rewrite to Avoid Plagiarism

A vital aspect of rewriting text that avoids plagiarism is in first understanding the original source material. It is extremely difficult to break down or simplify crucial elements without first knowing exactly what they are yourself. Rewriting is more than just changing a few words, you also have to completely change the sentence structure and keep the original meaning intact which is difficult without constant access to a verbose sentence generator. This is where having an example of paraphrase paragraph can really help you to understand the essential element of rewriting text. Paraphrasing articles examples such as those our experts can supply you with, offers a full breakdown of a piece of text and shows you exactly how it was rewritten. You can then practice for yourself over and over to develop your own skills until confident to try and rewrite another piece of text.

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Expert Tips to Help Paraphrase My Paragraph

paraphrasing articles example tipsThere are so many seemingly ‘helpful’ guides littered around the World Wide Web and the advice they give quite often leaves you dumbfounded. Many of those we have encountered simply suggest changing some wording for synonyms to avoid the plagiarism rule of no more than 3 consecutive words from the original. However, this is an extremely poor way to paraphrase which doesn’t lend itself to be easily incorporated into your own writing or allow you to simplify complicated terminology. To give you some real help then, our experts have put together the following sample or selection of tips that shed some proper light on how to get started:

  • Don’t try and rewrite large sections of text in one go. Limit yourself to a few sentences at a time.
  • Ensure you completely understand the source material before you attempt to rewrite it. Read, reread and read again to make absolutely certain you have all the important points covered.
  • So that you are not tempted to copy any part of the source, put it out of reach and only refer to it if the text you are rewriting is extremely complex.
  • Each time you complete paraphrasing a portion of text, check it against the original to make sure that the wording is different but that you are still getting the main message across.
  • Always remember that when you paraphrase another person, it should be a fair representation of their work and words, don’t add any extra information or personal opinions to it.
  • When you have finished rewriting what you want to be included, check it to ensure that it is firstly understandable but that it is also easy to read and rewrite again if necessary.
  • Having then included the paraphrased text into your own work, make sure you correctly cite the source or it will be thought that you are trying to pass someone else’s work off as your own. Plagiarism!!!

Tyler Jamison, PhD from the writing center, University of Missouri says that a good technique for paraphrasing by yourself is to:

“Read the passage you need (no more than a paragraph or two) and then close the book or commentary and set it to the side. Count to five and then begin writing your own version of what you read. It is unlikely that you will be able to hold the exact words or sentence structure for five seconds before you begin writing. Once you are finished, go back and compare your writing to the original passage, making sure that your version has the same message but completely different writing than the original. Sometimes you may have to repeat this process because you forgot the general idea of what you read. In that case, read the passage again, close it, and then try to paraphrase. It may seem unnecessary to close the book, but it’s important. The urge to look back at the original words, just to help you a bit, is likely to lead to plagiarism.”

How Our Best Website to Paraphrase a Paragraph Can Help You

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