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Why Manual Rewording

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Funny Pun Images – How to Reword

Whether it is funny pun images or pun texts, a pun is known for its long history when it comes to human writing. Egyptian hieroglyphs and Sumerian cuneiform were based on punning systems originally. And, Plautus, the Roman playwright, was popular for his puns as well as word games. Punning gets the credit as the major concept or idea behind writing and alphabets, including human civilisation.

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What Is Pun?

Also referred to as paronomasia, pun is a kind of word play that utilises tonnes of meanings of a term, including similar-sounding words. And, the intention or ultimate purpose is humour or rhetorical effect. Whether English-language puns or other puns, they may be seen as idiomatic constructions or in-jokes, since their meaning and usage can be linked to a specific language as well as such language’s culture. Funny pun words and puns generally are a popular source of humour when it comes to comedy shows and jokes. Often, people engage them in the punchline of a comic story or joke. And, they typically provide a humorous meaning to a story that is rather perplexing. Another term for this is feghoots.

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Interesting Pun Examples from a Notable Movie (Master and Commander)

It is important to point that the last line of these examples puns on “the lesser of two evils”, which is the stock phrase. Here it goes:

Captain A: “Doc, do you see those two weevils?…Which would you want to choose?”

Dr. M: “I will choose none. There is not a scrap of difference between those two. Those are same species of Curculio.”

Captain A: “If you need to choose. If you are compelled to choose. If you don’t have any other option.”

Dr. M: “In that case, then, if you are going to force me. I rather choose the right-hand weevil. The advantages it offers are substantial, both in terms of length and breadth.”

Captain A: “There, I got you!…Have you realized that one must always choose the lesser of two weevils in service?”

The Most Popular Universities for Admission

There are tons of universities around the world where students can enroll for their higher education. Some of the most popular universities around the world would include the following:

  • Harvard University Cambridge
  • Columbia University New York City
  • Princeton University, N.J. USA
  • University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA
  • University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Columbia University, USA
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • University o Wisconsin
  • University of North Carolina
  • …and more

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Common Straggles with Paraphrasing

Whether you’re paraphrasing jokes or any kind of text, you should avoid some common straggles and common mistakes when paraphrasing:

  • Changing or switching out a couple of words in the original paper or texts
  • Merely providing the synonyms of a couple words
  • Failing to acknowledge or cite an author where necessary
  • Using paraphrasing software tools that only reword randomly
  • Copying the author almost verbatim for your own paper

How to Paraphrase in the Best Way

Tip #1: Understand the Content or Text

Read through to understand the subject matter of your source text or reference. This great strategy makes paraphrasing a whole lot easier and helps to prevent plagiarism. It’s easier to paraphrase a content you have good understanding and grasp of. And, ensure you take notes when reading through your source text.

Tip #2: Try Paraphrasing without the Source Text

Consult only the notes you’ve taken down using your own words. Also, when you do this, you are more likely to paraphrase or rewrite without plagiarizing your source text or content.

Tip #3: Change or Alter the Order of Words or Sentence

Instead of merely changing a couple of words or using synonyms, try changing the order or words or sentences when paraphrasing. Again, you are more likely to avoid plagiarism when you adopt this effective strategy.

Have you got some funny pun phrases and jokes? You are welcome to share them right here. Contact us right away for help with your academic and other forms of paraphrasing.