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These services manually edit my paper. They have one of a kind paraphrasing service. Their rewording generator helps me a lot because they completely edit and rephrase my assignment. I got a new copy at an affordable price with their help.

FAQ on Sentences Generator

This page will provide you with some of the most frequent questions we have received about how we use a generator to provide you with an original rewritten paper. All clients want to know whether we use a software program. The answer is that we do not use any such programs. In our situation, we hire actual writers for rehashing. We are specialists in this field.

Is it considered cheating to use a generator?

No, it is not considered cheating. Our professionals have an extensive vocabulary and have the ability to reformulate sentences to retain the meaning but start the ideas in different ways. Thus the writing we provide with a machine gives your interpretation of the facts.

How will I know that the paper I receive is free from plagiarism?

A generator pores over the text to ensure that all words match the idea presented in the paragraphs. Then an editor reads the paper to make sure that there is a smooth flow and that there are no errors. Then we use plagiarism checking software to determine whether or not any aspects of the writing show up on other sites. We repeat this process until the paper is plagiarism-free.

How long will it take for me to receive the paper through your instrument?

You will have the opportunity to let us know the date by which you need to have the rewritten document. We do everything possible to meet this deadline. You should note that when you provide us with a longer time frame for completion the price you pay will be drastically reduced.

What is the difference between your service and an automatic program?

In order to have properly written paper the human touch is essential. Our professionals make sure that all word choices are suitable and that the writing makes sense. A tool is not as good as paraphrasing by professionals.

Who will paraphrase my document?

Our team of professionals, which is far better than any rewording sentence generator. Reformulating is a serious job and needs a lot of effort and hard work. We cannot trust software for this. So, we have a team of professional experts, who are from various fields and have a strong academic background too. They will paraphrase your documents and after that, they will be properly edited, and proofread. Before sending you, we will do the proper formatting of your documents too. We know that our clients trust us, that is the reason we have hired only professional experts in our team. They have years of experience in paraphrasing and they have already helped people all around the world. So, we guarantee that all the content is written by our experts and it is free from plagiarism.

If I am not satisfied, will you return my money?

Customer’s satisfaction is our priority. If you are not satisfied you can ask for the changes in the content. Our expert writers will make changes according to your requirements. We can revise the content as many times as you want us. We can revise the content, provide additional references and do formatting of the documents too. After all these efforts if you are not satisfied, we will return your money. Our professional work better than a program, but if a client is not satisfied we will return your money. Although, no customer asked for it ever.

I want to add someone else’s arguments to my own paper, is that legal?

In a word, yes. In the academic community, this is done quite extensively. Just about every published journal or dissertation refers to others works and includes portions of it to substantiate for or against their own work. This is done by either quoting them directly or paraphrasing what they said. Excessive over quoting, however, loses your own voice so paraphrasing is more often the best alternative. There are rules that need to be followed through, you must completely reword the text and keep it true to the original meaning. You have to also give credit to the source and cite it correctly or you could find yourself entangled in a plagiarism case.

Is manual paraphrasing better than using an online tool to reword my text?

While most online generators do give you the luxury of having almost instantaneous results and a built-in spell check facility after submitting your work, they are still only an electronic thesaurus. They function by checking each word and substitute them for their synonyms and place in a different order so that they avoid any plagiarism issues. In many cases what you are left with is an incomprehensible jumble of words that make very little sense. The English language is extremely complex and many words have different meanings based on the context in which they are used. A machine isn’t yet able to differentiate your meaning so its suggested alternative can be misleading.

An experienced rewriter such as those employed by our paraphrase online best writing services has the advantage of understanding the subject and context. They are then able to break down the sentence structure and change the wording completely to arrive at the same meaning and include additional words that increase the overall length. Manual paraphrasing adds clarity and a logical flow to the writing so that it is then easier to understand what the original source is saying.

What file formats are supported when you paraphrase essays online?

When you ask for our help with how to expand sentences by rewriting them for you, our expert team of support staff always takes your needs into consideration as their first priority. So whatever gadget you use when writing, be it at Windows™ driven machine, Apple ™ or tablet, we will always use a file type that is compatible with them. Simply state your preference when filling out the order form and our experts will ensure that your paper is returned to you as requested.

Are your experts qualified to paraphrase my text?

It takes a great deal of skill and a full mastery of the English language to be able to carry out paraphrasing successfully with one small mistake making all the difference between a good paper or a bad one. Unlike other lesser quality services that are popping up everywhere online that rely on software to do the work for them, we are able to supply you with experts who will manually paraphrase the text for you. All of our writers have full resumes that cover a long career in academic assistance at all levels and they are fully qualified to help you improve your work. We guarantee that when you ask for help with how to make my paper longer, we will provide you with an expert who has:

  • Full mastery of the English language as their mother tongue;
  • Many years of experience in successfully aiding students with their rewriting;
  • A thorough understanding of all academic rules that surround plagiarism and referencing;
  • A distinguished background in your subject area holding a postgraduate degree.

What if I am not satisfied with the work you provide me with?

On receipt of your order, we will then select an appropriate writer who has experience of and is qualified to write in the subject area. They will thoroughly check your order so that they understand exactly what your requirements are and who the target audience will be. They will then begin manually rewriting the text you provided until a draft is ready which will then be forwarded to you for review. You can then suggest any changes you feel are needed and have as many revision attempts as it takes until you are completely satisfied. We guarantee paraphrase essay online work will be completely unique and as part of our checking procedure; we will ensure it is completely error-free and submit it to an online plagiarism test with a copy of the report also sent to you.

Reword My Essay Services for Quick, Reliable Paraphrasing Help

The process of rehashing is not as simple as changing simply the words but you have to entirely alter the structure and flow of sentences. It is not surprising that many find it challenging to reword their essays mainly because this requires comprehension and expertise. To help you save time, you can enjoy services online; this can provide you with immediate assistance whenever you are struggling with paraphrasing websites. With reword my essay help online, you can enjoy the support of expert writers and innovative tools. We provide the following services to our clients:

  • Manual contextual writing. We reword your essay manually. This is done by our experts. We ensure that the essay is rewritten according to the context of the words. It improves the quality of the paraphrasing.
  • Free proofreading. We know the importance of editing and proofreading. All the content, which our writers rewrite for you is edited and proofread to remove errors. Additionally, we do proper formatting of the content too, to lessen your burden.
  • Additional references. Sometimes the author needs additional references for their work, but it’s a really time taking the job. We can provide additional references if you need them. But you have to request for them, they are not part of the package like proofreading and formatting.
  • In time delivery. We know your time is very precious and we value it. We ensure to deliver all the orders well before time to save your time.

Work Online with Professional Writers Now!

Words can give power to your essay especially if your goal is to inform and persuade them hence the importance to choose carefully the words that you will use.  Reformulating is less stressful when you work with professionals online and we are more than happy to extend our services to meet your needs. With our reword my essay help, you can enjoy fast help and quality results at affordable rates. Despite our ability to give you cost-efficient solutions, we do not compromise the final quality of your essay.

Thanks to the help of you, I got the best rephrasing. So thankful also to their rewording generator.
Dina, Philippines

Get Premium Assistance Online to Reword Essays Effectively

We strive to achieve 100% satisfaction to every client and this is why we constantly improve our services as to meet the growing and variety of needs of our customers. Whenever you feel the need to refresh the text but find it impossible to finish on time, make sure that you avail our professional help online. We can give you prime papers reworded based on top standards! The next time that you want to reword essays online, we are available 24/7 to take the task from you.

We have experts to rephrase your essays but it’s not just the essay, we can help you to rephrase different kinds of documents. For instance, you can hire our experts for the paraphrasing of all kinds of academic documents, like class assignments, term papers, thesis, research papers etc.

We all help to rephrase business documents like instructional manuals, business letters, and annual reports. We also provide assistance in rephrasing online content like web pages, articles, and social media posts. No matter what your rephrasing needs are, we provide assistance to rephrase all kinds of documents, no matter how long or how short they are. Our experts can rephrase them in a short time, without any plagiarism.

There are many companies who provide rephrasing services, but we offer some unique services.

  • Security. Your personal information and the details of the order are kept confidential. No one will ever know what job we have done for you. It is strictly between us and our clients.
  • Quality. We hire professionals for rephrasing jobs. They have years of experience and they are the masters in their field. We ensure that the content you get is of top quality and there are no errors.
  • Money-back guarantee. We trust the quality of our content, to prove that we offer a money-back guarantee to our clients. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will return your money, but no one has asked for that, ever.

For any other questions you may have about our service, do not hesitate to contact us!