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These services help me a lot. They have a great reworking generator that helps me to come up with a new essay. When I check it, it has the same meaning and unlike with other services, their tool perfectly rewords my paper

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Why Might You Need Our Professional Essay Extender for Your Paper?

professional essay extender helpWhen paraphrasing what someone else has said or written, you essentially take the essence of the meat of their meaning and reword it into your own style of writing. In most cases, to help beef up the word count a bit, a large vocabulary is required so that you are able to simplify their points so that a wider audience may understand it. An experienced paragraph changer like those employed by our essay extender services is easily able to help you with this. Professional guidance is often needed as there are risks associated with paraphrasing that could result in disciplinary proceedings because of plagiarism issues.

To emphasize just how serious plagiarism issues are, there was a case not so long ago involving 125 Harvard students who were thought to have copied material. Upon further investigation, it was then found that 70 of these students were guilty or academic dishonesty and forced to withdraw. While it is the case that directly copying is an academic crime, paraphrasing publish material of someone else is perfectly acceptable so long as the vocabulary is changed and you cite & reference the author. By using a professional paraphraser or text inflator such as one of our experts, the task can quickly be accomplished and you are guaranteed to receive only unique rewriting that is plagiarism free.

Thanks to the help of you, I got the best rephrasing. So thankful also to their rewording generator.
Dina, Philippines

What Else Can Your Best Paraphrasing Website Help Me With?

essay extender writing serviceWe are a professional service who is able to cater to every challenge faced when producing a document, both in the academic and professional world. To this end and unlike many of our competitors, we have a highly diverse team of experts in our employ who are qualified to postgraduate degree level in a wide spectrum of subject areas. They will use their profound knowledge of all things associated to document creation to ensure that your paper is highly informative and presented in the best way.

Some of these services include:

  • A professional proofreading service that will ensure there are no errors whatsoever in grammar, spelling or punctuation in your paper. Our experts will thoroughly scan through every single word and punctuation mark to ensure they have been used and spelled correctly offering substitutes for erroneous words that don’t quite fit into the sentence.
  • Editing is a skill that takes many years to master correctly in order to do it right and our editors are highly experienced in providing this service on a wide platform of material. They will painstakingly check every detail of your document to ensure that the overall layout meets the guidelines, sentence structure and paragraphs all make sense and that references are laid out correctly. Any modifications made will be done using standard industry symbols and tracked through each review so you can see exactly how much better your paper has become.
  • Writing an academic paper such as an article review or dissertation can be extremely difficult tasks when studying to complete a degree but one that must be done in the right way. Our extremely proficient writers have many years under their belts of guiding students to the successful conclusion of their assignments. Through a combination of additional research material and critique on writing exercises, our experts endeavor to ensure that your skills are taken to the next level.
  • Quite a large proportion of people are still unsure of how each paper they write should be presented according to the subject area they cover. By this, we mean the format or particular house style which sets out margin sizes or title placement and how to correctly reference someone else’s work. For example, if writing a medical essay, then you would generally have to follow the rules set out in the American Medical Association (AMA) manual of style. Our experts are deeply conversant with all the different types, AMA, APA, CMS, and Turabian etc. and will successfully guide you to a perfectly presented paper.

How Will Your Experts Help to Paraphrase It for Me?

best essay extender expertsUpon completion of your order for our essay extender service, you will then be assigned a fully qualified essay expander within your subject field that will check through your requirements to see what needs changing and the target audience the finished paper is aimed at. They will then get to work on the necessary tasks until a draft is ready to be checked by you. Our essay extender service offers unlimited reviews where you are able to offer suggestions and make changes that you feel are required until satisfied it meets your needs. Before the finished work is then sent back to you, it will first be thoroughly checked for errors and put through an extensive online plagiarism test to ensure there is nothing that will raise any cause for concern.

Advantages of Letting Our Experts Help You Rewrite Paragraph to Avoid Plagiarism

essay extender guaranteed helpOur experts provide a range of specialized services which boasts the highest level of support and the best team of essay expanders in place for you to receive first-class help. When you come to us for help rewrite plagiarized text, you are ensured the highest level of satisfaction through using them and that the assistance given is what you should expect from leading services. In letting our team assist you, aside from having the best paraphrasing website to help strengthen vocabulary skills, you also benefit from:

  • Full confidentiality of all services at all times;
  • 24/7 online ordering and customer support that can be contacted via E-mail or phone;
  • Prices to suit all budget types with no hidden extras and a range of discounts;
  • Unique paraphrasing with free plagiarism report included;
  • Strict adherence to deadlines observed, including for our rush order service which can be as short as 24 hours;
  • An unlimited number of reviews until you are completely satisfied the work carried out meets your requirements;
  • A full refund of your money if not completely satisfied with the level of help received.

For the best online essay extender that will quickly and accurately paraphrase any length of text and avoid any plagiarism issues, just navigate to our website and enjoy high-quality results!