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Complete Guide on How to Reword Resume

Why You May Want to Reword Your Resume

You need to reword your resume in many cases and when the stage comes, you may wonder how to reword my resume. But before that, here are a few reasons when you need to reword your resume.

  • Now a day we have many online job portals, which ask you to submit your resume. If you have already submitted one and you want to submit the updated one, they may want you to reword your resume.
  • When you change your career, you need to reword your resume to apply to the new jobs.
  • If you have upgraded your education or experience you may need to reword your resume.
  • Whenever you apply for a new job, you have to reword your resume according to the new job responsibilities.
  • You may need a different resume for university admission and for the job. So, the resume rewording is the only option.
  • To apply to another position in the same company, you may need to reword your resume.

How to Reword Resume Documents in Easy Steps

how to reword resumeIf you are changing jobs for some reason or just aren’t getting the response you wanted from your current resume, it may be time that it was revised. Rewriting your resume can help attract the attention of employers and hiring managers, and create enough interest in you that they will want to learn more. The following are the basic steps in the rewording process:

  • Start with a summary section: The first thing on your resume after your name and contact information will be a summary section. If you have an objectives section get rid of it. The summary section will replace it. It should provide a brief summary of your qualifications for the position you are seeking. The summary is used to highlight specific qualifications thus generating interest in the reader so they want to learn more about you. It should include keywords relevant to the position for which you are applying.
  • Keep the resume brief: One page is usually considered enough. If you have an extensive work history and experience that is relevant it is acceptable to add one more page. Always be as concise as is reasonably possible
  • Highlight accomplishments: Accomplishments will usually be found in the employment history section of your resume. Use bold, italics or some other way to draw attention to your accomplishments.
  • Include keywords in your resume: Many companies scan resumes for specific keywords included in their job postings. Use words and phrases that match those used in the job listing. However, try not to use too much jargon. Try to use rewording generator.
  • Remove unnecessary information: Hobbies, favorite sports, and skills unrelated to the position you are applying for should not be included in your resume.
  • Make your resume easy to scan: Use bullet points, indentations, header lines, and white space to draw the eye and make important information stand out when the resume is scanned
  • Use a font that is easy to read: Something like Times New Roman or some other traditional font is best so that the resume is easy to read. Make sure the font size is large enough. Never use a font smaller than 10 and 12 is better.
  • Proofread for mechanical errors: Eliminate any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. They make a poor first impression and can get your resume tossed aside at the start.

These are the basic steps for rewording resumes. Just as every resume is different, there may be slight variations in the approach to rewording.

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What Else Should I Know about How to Reword My Resume?

Rewording/rewriting resumes need to be done on a regular basis to reflect changes in your skill set and experience as well as to incorporate current trends and techniques. The same resume may not be the best for every situation you encounter. Adapt your resume to the situation. The following are some different techniques you can use:

  • Focus on achievements: Your purpose may be best served by focusing on what you have accomplished in previous positions. One way to do this is with S.A.R (Situation, Action, Results) statements. They tell the reader what the situation/problem was, the action you took to deal with it, and the results of your actions. These statements can be included in your employment history section.
  • Focus on skills: There are times when the most important information to convey pertains to particular skills you possess. A functional resume with a skills section is the best way to do this. This is useful when changing fields or when you have gaps in your employment history
  • Focus on position requirements: Target your resume to specific skills and abilities a position calls for. Use relevant keywords to the position you are applying for in your summary and employment history sections

Tips for Rewording Resumes

Here are a few helpful tips to use when rewriting/rewording resumes:

  • Use action verbs: When listing skills or accomplishments reword your resume so that you lead with an action verb for each item on the list. Try rewording sentences tool.
  • Quantify accomplishments when possible: How much money did you save? How large an increase in sales? Employers like to see numbers to go with accomplishments
  • Include a link to your online professional profile: If your resume generates the interest you hope it does, make it easy for employers to learn more about you.
  • Avoid clichés: Results driven, team player and many other buzzwords have been used to the point that they have become annoying. Use something original and fresh

Resumes are not meant to all be the same. The best way how to reword resume documents is to use the information here as a guide and come up with something original that stands out while taking advantage of those things that have been proven to work.

How Our Services Can Help

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